Quality requires craft

Quality of service speaks to a craftsman heart

Extend and improve your team

Our true passion, we are team players by heart, we will help you carry the load.

Build your idea from scratch

Have an idea but are unsure how to execute it? We love a good problem solving session.

Manage an entire service

You have a department or part of it you need help running? We have the answer.

Performance and Quality Assurance

Can you rely on your software? Measure your bugs and speed it in a frequent and reliable way.

Proof of concept development

Not sure it will work? The answer is, the majority of times, yes! But we will help you prove.

Cloud and Infrastructure as Code

Scalability and performance are the challenge in this IOT world.

User experience and interface

Usability, responsiveness, design select the harmony and feng shui feeling to your software.

Project Management for muggles

Help your non software company to deliver like one.

Our expertise was acquired as our journey took place


Stock, Sales, Payments we have the expertise to help you improve all the different domains that define your business.


Real-time inventory, flow management, all the help you need to be lean and flexible facing the new century challenges.


Stay ahead of the markets or bring your payment platform inline with the new generation. Be prepared for the finance big data.


Agriculture and internet of things, the right mix towards as sustainable future. Sensors, prediction towards a better future.


Patient data security is of prime importance, join that with a significant amount of information and active prevention becomes a reality.


The goal, pun intended, is to think and rethink your floor so improvements can be made from within your company.

Craftable fellow journeyman and clients


The Ibersol Group is a multi-brand group with presence in the Iberian Peninsula and the Portuguese-speaking countries. The Group is devoted to the organized foodservice business and respects the values of Quality, Safety and the Environment, and is supported by its qualified and motivated personnel, committed to fully satisfying the Consumer needs.


Founded in 1998, Iglu stands for expertise, variety and value. Our 250+ staff are all experts in their roles and have skied, cruised and travelled so broadly that they can offer a genuinely accurate and detailed level of service no matter where customers are travelling. We are the UK’s largest independent agent for ski and cruise holidays.


Some of our tools of choice

Like a good craftsman, the tools do not define us but are rather journeyman alongside us, without them the quality would not be the same. We improve our tools daily so that we can continue to do with love to the highest standards.

dotnet core





amazon webservices



Crave the journey, become a craftsman

Frontend developer

If you are in love with User Experience, looking to improve and be challenged, feel confortable with javascript Single Page Application Frameworks, e.g.: Angular; reactjs+redux; vue.js; love HTML5, CSS3, exposure to usability heuristics, A/B testing, mockup tools and you are proficient in English both written and spoken press the button below.

dotnet developer

If you feel at home doing fullstack, love Jon Skeet, and believe that dotnet core can help define the programming landscape. If you have experience with C#/.NET(Full Framework or Standard/Core), WebApi, MVC and/or Single Page Application Frameworks, SQL Server and you are proficient in English both written and spoken we want to hear from you.


Java developer

You love a good brew? the Spring is your favourite season? If you are a a Object Oriented Programming (java) expert with Spring Framework (Boot, Cloud, Data), SQL Engines (Postgree, Oracle), Document Based DB’s, ActiveMQ, Prometheus experience and you are proficient in English both written and spoken we want to hear from you.

Quality assurance developer

A developer in test, will always love white and black boxes. If you are experienced with Jasmine and/or cypress.io or you have used other frameworks like Specflow or Cucumber and love Domain Driven Development, but above all have a keen eye for detail and are proficient in English both written and spoken we want to hear from you.


dotnet core




Did not find a job that matches your skills? Why not reach us, we are always looking to get to know new people that are passionate about their craft. Please get in touch by sending us an email to: jobs@craftablesoftware.com

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Our offices are located in Porto, a nice 3 minute walk from the music house tube and bus station.

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