We Care

We commit to the best outcome. This requires attention to detail, constant communication with our partners and above all pride in what we do. Your success is our success.


Teamplay is our main engine. We believe that, as with sports, teamwork is pivotal. Great results can only be achieved when a group of people works as one.

Feel the breeze

We try not to take ourselves too seriously but rather enjoy the ride. That’s why we promote a relaxed environment and we encourage interaction and knowledge transfer between team members.


We help companies deliver complex products with the help of great people.

With clients in Europe and America, our boutique software house provides skilled teams, 100% dedicated to develop and deliver your software projects. We specialize in nearshore projects with a flare for quality, reliability and scalability in a highly transitional environment.

Our approach

  • Step 1

    Meet the challenge

    Complexity brings a smile to our face. We need to thrive and stay sharp, trying out new ways of working and always open to being challenged.

  • Step 2

    Start small, scale big

    Build a core development team and scale it as you need. Our experts are Software Engineers, Quality Assurance, Product Owners, DevOps, Cybersecurity Specialists, among others.

  • Step 3

    Get deep tech expertise

    Trust our software cybersecurity qualities. We allocate the most qualified team for your project, giving them support to get it done.

  • Step 4

    Reduce development costs and optimise resource management by choosing the best solution, from the start, to solve your problem.

Technical values we never compromise on

Peer Review

Continuous Integration/Delivery

Infrastructure as Code

Agile Manifesto

Usability Heuristics

Quality Assurance


We’re always looking for talent! Here are some of the positions we’re currently hiring for.

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Porto (Portugal)

Rua de 5 de Outubro 288, 4100-172, Porto

Aveiro (Portugal)

Rua de São Martinho 102 Fração H, 3810-183, Aveiro

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